FlexNoC® Interconnect IP

The world's #1 on-chip fabric IP is used by the world's top semiconductor design teams as the backbone on-chip communications IP for chips targeting the fastest growing markets.

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Arteris FlexNoC interconnect IP helps the world's best SoC development teams get to market sooner with better performing and lower power chips. Learn how:

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Whether you are using AMBA AXI3, AXI4, AHB, APB, OCP, PIF or a proprietary protocol, Arteris FlexNoC IP reduces the number of wires by nearly one half, resulting in fewer gates and a more compact chip floor plan.

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  • Speed Time to Market: Arteris FlexNoC makes it easy to develop, verify and iterate interconnect configurations by providing intuitive GUI and scripting interfaces. Out of the box support for all the major IP transaction protocols makes it easy to replace IP to create SoC derivatives or make IP changes late in the design cycle.
  • Fast performance validation: Integrated FlexExplorer simulation automatically generates OSCI SystemC TLM 2.0 interconnect models at three levels of abstraction for quick turn-around performance evaluation of interconnect configurations.

  Download peer-reviewed Springer journal paper about Arteris FlexNoC QoS






  • Reduce Power Consumption with Clock Gating and Frequency / Voltage Domains (DVFS)
  • Advanced, end-to-end Quality of Service
  • FlexMem Memory Scheduler
  • Automated Verification for Lowest Risk
  • Optional data protection and hardware duplication for ISO 26262 functional safety resilience (Arteris FlexNoC Resilience Package)
  • Optional interconnect timing closure automation (Arteris PIANO Timing Closure Package)

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After a complete evaluation of available interconnect fabric IP products, Arteris FlexNoC was the clear choice. FlexNoC is the only SoC fabric that allows us to meet tight timing margins and achieve design frequency requirements. We are pleased with the increased productivity our design team has experienced using FlexNoC.

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Ty Garibay, Vice President, Silicon Systems Development, Altera