EE Journal: I hear you NOCing, But Can You Close Timing?

by Arteris Marketing, On Mar 30, 2023

Steven Leibson from EE Journal authored this article with quotes from Frank Schirrmeister, VP of Solutions and Business Development at Arteris.

March 29th, 2023 – by Steven Leibson

Network on Chip (NOC) IP has been around for a while. I wrote an article about academic research papers on NOCs presented at the seventh annual International Symposium on System-on-Chip conference held in Tampere, Finland in late 2005. NOCs were the conference’s theme back then and the jury was out on using NOCs to interconnect large IP blocks, including processors, network controllers, and memory on SoCs. NOCs introduce overhead that wasn’t particularly welcome back in 2005. Today, it’s a different story.

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