EE Journal: The Network-on-Chip Pioneer: How Arteris Enabling SoC Developers to Create Physically Valid NoCs Faster

On May 26, 2023

Andy Nightingale, VP Product Management & Marketing at Arteris, spoke to EE Journal’s Amelia Dalton on the fish fry podcast.

Physically aware network-on-chips take center stage in this week’s Fish Fry podcast! Andy Nightingale from Arteris and I investigate the role that network-on-chips have played in the development of SoC designs. We also discuss the details of Arteris’ FlexNoC 5 Physically Aware Network-on-Chip IP, and how a physically aware NoC can not only help you address your PPA goals but also get you to physical convergence faster. Also this week, I investigate a newly discovered exoplanet called LP 791-18d.

To listen to the full podcast on EE Journal, click here.

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