EE Times Designlines Blog: Auto OEMs, Tier-Ones: Think SoC Designs

by Kurt Shuler, On Oct 08, 2018


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It’s about time that car OEMs and Tier-1s start looking at what’s under the hood. All carmakers should get involved in choosing their technology-enabling semiconductors. ADAS developers have shifted from “code bloat,” using thousands and even millions of lines of software code, to SoCs designed to enable autonomous driving tasks in hardware.

The SoC interconnect plays a vital role in facilitating functional safety because it interacts with all the data on chip. Consequently, on-chip communications are a critical building block in meeting the overall functional safety requirements. Selecting interconnect IP that is developed in accordance with the ISO 26262 functional safety specification can save OEMs and Tier-1s several man-months spent qualifying an automotive chip that must meet functional safety specifications.

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