EE Times article, IoT Was Interesting, But Follow the Money to AI Chips

by Kurt Shuler, On Feb 21, 2019

February 2, 2019 – by Kurt Shuler

A few years ago there was a lot of buzz about IoT, and indeed it continues to serve a role, but looking out to 2025 the real dollar growth for the semiconductor industry is in algorithm-specific ASICs, ASSPs, SoCs, and accelerators for Artificial Intelligence (AI), from the data center to the edge.

Anyone tracking the industry closely knows how we got to this point. Designers were implementing IoT before it even became a “thing.” Deploying sensors and communicating on a machine-to-machine level to perform data analysis and implement functions based on structural or ambient environment and other parameters just seemed like a smart thing to do. The Internet just helped to do it remotely. Then someone latched onto the term “the Internet of things” and suddenly everyone’s an IoT silicon, software, or systems player.

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