EE Times article, “Who’s Who in AI SoCs,” highlights Arteris IP

by Kurt Shuler, On Nov 05, 2018

November 1, 2018 – by Junko Yoshida


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Arteris announced on Wednesday the company’s new interconnect IP with AI package called FlexNoC 4. The company’s new offerings are designed to accelerate development of next-generation deep neural network (DNN) and machine-learning systems, according to Shuler.

EE Times’ discussion with Shuler revealed that Arteris, armed with its network-on-chip (NoC) intellectual property, has found itself atop a perch where it can see who’s doing what in the global AI SoC design space.

At a time when AI chips designed for training are growing bigger and more complex than ever before, often integrated with massive parallel processors, “interconnect has become more important,” according to Shuler.

During the interview, he shared a list of chip companies currently working on AI SoCs with Arteris’ interconnect IP and tools.

While the table below includes many unnamed startups and incumbent systems vendors (including a Japanese camera OEM and some large system OEMs), it paints a clear picture of how several incumbent SoC companies are also progressing on AI chip designs.

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