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SemiWiki: Safety in the Interconnect

Kurt Shuler, VP of Marketing at Arteris IP, chats with Bernard Murphy in this SemiWiki blog:

Safety in the Interconnect


April 26th,  2018 - By Bernard Murphy

Bernard Murphy (SemiWiki) provides his take on a talk by Kurt Shuler how safety assurance extends to the interconnect, particular challenges in meeting ISO 26262 requirements for highly configurable IP and how Arteris IP addresses these challenges for users of their NoC systems.

Safety is a big deal these days, not only in automotive applications, but also in critical infrastructure and industrial applications (the power grid, nuclear reactors and spacecraft, to name just a few compelling examples). We generally understand that functional blocks like CPUs and GPUs have to be safe, but what about the interconnect? To some among us, interconnect just means wires; what’s the big deal, outside of manufacturing defects and electromigration? No joke – Kurt Shuler (VP Marketing at Arteris IP) tells me he still struggles with this perception among some people he talks to (maybe physical design teams and small block designers?).

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