Semiconductor Engineering: Design Complexity In The Golden Age Of Semiconductors

by Arteris Marketing, On Aug 24, 2023

Frank Schirrmeister, VP Solutions & Business Development at Arteris, authored this Semiconductor Engineering article.

August 24th, 2023

While writing last month’s blog that used some of the trend charts we have seen, I noticed that a lot of the data ends in 2020 or earlier, but I was too close to the deadline to sit down and make orderly updates to some of the charts. Working day-to-day in the area of SoC integration and networks-on-chips (NoCs), the classic chart based on Karl Rupp’s now 50 years of processor data that overlays the Moore’s law transistors with single-thread performance, processor frequency, typical power, and the number of processor cores is relevant, but not quite perfect. Yes, processor cores are essential, but there are many other types of silicon IP blocks (SIP) to be connected using NoCs and integrated using what we at Arteris call “SoC Integration Automation.”

So, I looked for the relevant source data and developed some new visualizations.

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