Semiconductor Engineering: The Game Of Ecosystems Intensifies

by Arteris Marketing, On Mar 07, 2023

Frank Schirrmeister, VP of Solutions and Business Development at Arteris, authored this Semiconductor Engineering article.

 March 2nd, 2023 – By Frank Schirrmeister

You may know about my fascination with ecosystems if you have followed my writing. It is only fitting that I am writing this Blog in Munich (shiver, it’s cold), where I attended the GSA McKinsey workshop on “Distributed E/E Architectures and Zonal Computing.” This workshop had attendees from semiconductor foundries, EDA vendors, IP vendors, Tier 1 Semis, Tier 2 Integrators, software vendors, and automotive OEMs. Earlier this week, we announced our extension into the processor ecosystem with our work with SiFive on RISC-V on Edge AI, just months after we had announced our partnership with Arm on automotive applications. As you can tell, we are neutral and work with all processor vendors equally.

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