Semiconductor Engineering: Considering Semiconductor Implementation Aspects Early During Network-On-Chip Development

by Arteris Marketing, On Feb 28, 2023

Frank Schirrmeister, VP of Solutions and Business Development at Arteris, authored this Semiconductor Engineering article.

February 22nd, 2023 – By Frank Schirrmeister

As they say, while history may not repeat itself, it sure rhymes. In 2015, I wrote the blog “Why Implementation Matters To System Design And Software.” At the time, I mused that while abstraction is essential in system design, it has limitations that users must consider. Critical decisions, such as those regarding power and performance, require more accuracy than can be feasibly abstracted. But it takes time to get to this increased accuracy. Power analysis driven by RTL-based emulation would provide more accurate power predictions when considering implementation effects seen when modeling semiconductor technology more accurately.

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