Semiconductor Engineering: Interconnects Emerge As Key Concern For Performance

by Madelyn Miller, On Aug 31, 2020

CEO Interview: Charlie Janac

August 28, 2020 – By Daniel Nenni

Why is on-chip interconnect
important for SoC innovation?

System-on-chip architectures are rapidly changing
because we are moving from “data processing” chips to SoCs able to execute “decision making” models. The
on-chip interconnect is the logical and physical means to create the SoC architecture so the importance
of the network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect has increased as the need for architectural innovation has

What developments do you see that Arteris IP is able to address?
We’re at a very
exciting time because an important ingredient for performant SoCs has clearly become the on-chip interconnect
and all the SoC architectural changes by our customers are influencing our technology development.

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