Semiconductor Engineering: Productivity Keeping Pace With Complexity

by Madelyn Miller, On Sep 25, 2020

Productivity Keeping Pace With Complexity

September 25th, 2020 – By Brian Bailey

semiengineering-logo-2020Without productivity gains, design size and complexity would face huge headwinds. Those gains come from a diverse set of improvements.

“Nobody doubts the power of reuse. Intellectual Property blocks are either built into a library for those inside of large companies, or if you’re a small company, you go outside and you buy it,” says Benoit de Lescure, CTO for Arteris IP. “Complexity is managed through a divide and conquer strategy. Companies are also using larger macro functions that you stitch together with the same amount of people. Today, you can buy a multiple CPU block, with Level 3 cache, and complex cache coherent interconnect. These have been designed to be easy to configure, and so you can create a very large CPU complex with 8 or 16 CPUs, and that becomes the macro functions you’re integrating.”

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