Semiconductor Engineering: Virtualization In The Car

by Madelyn Miller, On Aug 06, 2020

Virtualization In The Car

August 6th, 2020 – By Ann Steffora Mutschler

How and why abstraction layers are becoming essential in automotive design.

“It’s a way to create multiple virtual instantiations of the same hardware, and every instance is virtually dedicated to a specific product or software or application,” said Stefano Lorenzini, functional safety manager at Arteris IP. “The hypervisor is a bare-metal operating system that runs directly on the hardware and creates an intermediate layer with respect to other application or software programs that are running on top. So if you want to look to the architecture from the top to the bottom, you see the application, then you see the hypervisor, and then you see the hardware layer. The hypervisor is the thing that creates this illusion to the application that every resource of the SoC is dedicated to them.”

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