SemiWiki: Traceability and ISO 26262

by Madelyn Miller, On Nov 29, 2021

Bernard Murphy (SemiWiki) and Kurt Shuler, VP of Marketing at Arteris IP, talk about the growing importance of traceability to ISO 26262 and safety.

November 29, 2021 – Bernard Murphy

Since traceability and its relationship to ISO 26262 may be an unfamiliar topic for many of my readers, I thought it might be useful to spend some time on why this area is important. What is the motivation behind a need for traceability in support of automotive systems development? The classic verification and validation V-diagram is a useful starting point for understanding. The left arm of the V decomposes system design from concepts into requirements, architecture, and detailed design. The right arm represents verification and validation steps from unit testing all the way up to full system validation. Tracing compliance with requirements through this full flow requires new kinds of automation.

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