SemiWiki: Trends in AI and Safety for Cars

by Madelyn Miller, On Mar 03, 2020

Trends in AI and Safety for Cars

February 3rd, 2020 – By Bernard Murphy

The potential for AI in cars, whether for driver assistance or full autonomy, has been trumpeted everywhere and continues to grow. Within the car we have vision, radar and ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles in front, behind and to the side of the car. Outside the car, V2x promises to share real-time information between vehicles and other sources so we can see ahead of vehicles in front of us, around corners to detect hazards, and see congested traffic and emergency vehicles. Also this AI can improve on the fly, adapting to new conditions through training updates from the cloud. 

One thing is clear. The interconnect becomes the backbone for mediating all this activity – coherent caching and safety. Coherent caching because a full SoC is inevitably going to depend on a mix of IPs from multiple suppliers, yet caching must still be managed coherently across all those IPs.

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