SemiWiki: When Will Structured Assembly Cross the Chasm?

by Bernard Murphy, On Dec 13, 2023

First, a quick definition. By “structured assembly,” I mean the collection of tools to support IP packaging with standardized interfaces, SoC integration based on those IPs together with bus fabric and other connectivity hookups, register definition and management in support of hardware/software interface definition, together with collateral support functions such as document generation and traceability. In other words, automation technologies in and around the IEEE 1685 (IP-XACT) standard or other systems with similar objectives.

I have been involved with structured assembly in one way or another for almost 20 years, first in developing our own product at Atrenta and later in writing about Magillem’s better-known IP-XACT line of products. I’m a believer in the concept – you can’t integrate billion-gate SoCs with a text editor. But, the commercial product opportunity has not been as clear. I have seen significant resistance to commercial products for small designs or small teams, understandably, but also for big designs among teams with their own highly tuned and specialized integration methodologies and software. Magillem from Arteris, has marquee logos to their credit (NXP, Samsung, STM, for example), but are commercial IP-XACT technologies stuck at the chasm or have they crossed?

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