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SemiWiki: ISO 26262: People, Process and Product

Kurt Shuler, VP Marketing at Arteris IP writes about the 3 P's of ISO 26262 in a White-paper and then chats with Bernard Murphy in this SemiWiki blog:

ISO 26262: People, Process and Product  

August 29th,  2018 - By Bernard Murphy

Bernard Murphy (SemiWiki) offers his review of Kurt Shuler's white-paper on what the ISO 26262 standard requires of IP vendors and chip integrators who depend on those vendors. He suggests that some may not fully understand the intent behind the standard and may be setting themselves up for problems downstream.

Kurt Shuler, VP Marketing at Arteris IP, is pretty passionate that people working in the automotive supply chain should understand not just a minimalist reading of ISO 26262 as it applies to them but rather the broader intent, particularly as it is likely to affect others higher in the supply chain. As an active ISO 26262 working group member, I guess he has better insight than many of us regarding latent problems that might emerge after an IP, chip or system has nominally been signed off. He makes the point that, in compliance, everyone through supply chain is still learning; a subtle problem at one stage might never become an issue or might eventually emerge only in integration testing in the car.

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