PIANO® Timing Closure Package

An optional add-on for Arteris® FlexNoC® interconnect IP that helps automate interconnect timing closure.



The PIANO Timing Closure Package is an optional add-on that builds upon the already layout-friendly Arteris interconnect IP to shorten the time required for timing closure, physical synthesis and place and route (SP&R).

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The PIANO Timing Closure Package enhances layout quality-of-results (QoR) and productivity by importing user-defined and production (LEF/DEF) floorplans, automatically configuring pipelines to meet timing closure, and separating the FlexNoC interconnect IP instances at a physical level so they can be routed separately from the rest of the SoC.

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The BENEFITS of PIANO 2.0 include:

  • Slashes the time needed to close timing compared to manual pipeline insertion methodologies, which reduces overall schedule risk. With a well-defined methodology, interconnect timing can be closed in as little as 24 hours.
  • Shrinks interconnect area by 10-15% compared to manual pipeline insertion methodologies, which over-provision pipeline stages
  • Decreases interconnect power consumption due to less pipeline logic and use of fewer low voltage threshold (LVT) cells
  • Provides seeding of pipeline stage locations which allows place and route tools a better starting point, eliminating costly place and route cycles


  • Automated interconnect timing closure for both cache coherent and non-coherent interconnect subsystems
  • Generation of a meta-floorplan from an IP list to provide timing closure guidance during the SoC architectural development phase
  • Input and output of production floorplans in LEF/DEF and TCL formats
  • Automatic pipeline insertion with advanced features:
  • Edit timing closure parameters to optimize individual timing paths
  • Automatically account for crossing between multiple frequency and voltage domains
  • Automatically generate timing closure analysis reports
  • Integrated with Synopsys’ Design Compiler Graphical and IC Compiler II and Cadence’s Genus and Innovus physical synthesis tool chains.

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PIANO 2.0 automated closure technology lowers the risks in SoC development schedules that traditionally result from timing closure issues. By applying PIANO 2.0 together with generated placement guides, Renesas was able to close the complex SoC development sooner than we expected. Renesas has been an early user of Arteris’ closure technology, and we plan to continue to use Arteris’ enhanced closure capabilities for our future SoC developments.

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Horst Rieger, Manager, Design Services, European Technology Center, Renesas Electronics Europe

After a complete evaluation of available interconnect fabric IP products, Arteris FlexNoC was the clear choice. FlexNoC is the only SoC fabric that allows us to meet tight timing margins and achieve design frequency requirements. We are pleased with the increased productivity our design team has experienced using FlexNoC.

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Ty Garibay, Vice President, Silicon Systems Development, Altera