Enabling Safety & Reliability for Automotive
and Enterprise Computing

The FlexNoC® FuSa option enhances the FlexNoC fabric IP with essential hardware reliability and functional safety features, tailored for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 compliance in automotive applications enterprise SSD endurance for data center applications. As SoCs evolve, mere CPU duplication and memory protection fall short of stringent safety standards; comprehensive chip data protection becomes vital. Opting for a hardware-centric approach offers more straightforward development, superior quality, and enhanced control than software-only methods. The FuSa option offers extensive features and documentation tailored to meet these rigorous safety requirements. Features include ECC, support for ARM Cortex, unit redundancy, and built-in self-tests.

It is specifically engineered to support customers in reaching up to ASIL-D, the highest level of functional safety.

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Next-Gen Protection:
From Core Safety to Data Integrity

Boosted safety & compliance, efficient hardware focus, thorough data protection

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Enhanced Safety and Reliability

Integrate hardware reliability and functional safety features, ensuring compliance with ISO 26262 and IEC 61508, crucial for sectors like automotive and enterprise computing SSD endurance.

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Hardware-Centric Approach

FlexNoC drives performant on-chip data flow and access to off-chip memory by enabling multi-channel HBM2 memory and high bandwidth data paths.

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Comprehensive Data Protection

Ensure data traffic protection throughout the chip floorplan with error-correcting code (ECC), support for ARM Cortex processors, built-in self-tests, and unit redundancy.

FuSa Option Key Features

  • ECC Interface & Transport: Detects/corrects errors for data integrity.
  • Packet Consistency Checkers: Verifies data packet consistency in transmission.
  • Unit Duplication: Enables fault detection via SoC design redundancy.
  • Initiator Timeout: Detects non-responsive initiators, preventing failures.
  • FMEDA Generation: Analyzes failure modes & implements countermeasures.
  • Fault Reporting BIST: Detects system faults for accurate issue identification
  • Easy partitioning of any SoC into safe and non-safe domains
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FuSa Option Product Benefits

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Comprehensive Standards Compliance

Meets ISO 26262, IEC 61508

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Enhanced SoC Safety

Hardware-centric safety and data protection

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Simplified Architecture

Reduced complexity versus software approaches

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High-Quality Assurance

Pre-tested hardware IP ensures reliability

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Adaptable Data Protection

Support for leading processors & ECC features

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Inherent Redundancy

Unit duplication for fault-tolerance

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Versatile Applications

Ideal for automotive, SSD controllers, & more

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Optimized Control

Baseline safety features, reducing risk

Read more about why we are unique on our NoC Technology page.

We chose the Arteris Ncore cache coherent interconnect because of its unique proxy caches and their ability to underpin high-performance, low power, cache coherent clusters of our unique AI accelerators. And with our prior experience using FlexNoC and the FlexNoC FuSa Option for functional safety, we trust Arteris to be the highest performing and safest choice for ISO 26262-compliant NoC IP.

Elchanan Rushinek

Vice President of Engineering, Mobileye

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