• Design like Mobileye

    Arteris IP allowed us to reduce the die size of Mobileye’s EyeQ3, and reach timing closure much sooner than expected.

    Elchanan Rushinek, Vice President of Engineering, Mobileye

  • Vision-based ADAS

    Wouldn't be possible without Arteris IP.

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Arteris FlexNoC provides on-chip communications for Mobileye's EyeQ3, EyeQ4, and forthcoming EyeQ5 Automated Driver Assistance System (ADAS) platforms.


Freescale uses Arteris IP in its QorIQ processing platform for networking applications. It first licensed Arteris IP in 2011 for use in its i.MX application processor SoC platform.

Texas Instruments

Arteris IP connects the TI Jacinto 5/6 and TDA2x / TDA3x ADAS and automotive infotainment SoCs, the CC26xx / CC13xx SimpleLink IoT SoCs, and the OMAP 4 / OMAP 5 SoCs.


Renesas uses Arteris FlexNoC to produce custom ASICs for industrial users and for use in automotive dashboard and telematics systems.

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The customers listed above are our publicly-announced automotive customers. We have an equal number who are not publicly announced but can be disclosed under an NDA. Contact us below to learn more.

Arteris IP is a contributing member to two ISO 26262 working group sub-groups: Semiconductor IP and Multicore. Many automotive customers take advantage of the ISO 26262 functional safety features in the Arteris FlexNoC Resilience Package.

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