SemiWiki Podcast: The Impact of Arteris on Automotive and Beyond with Frank Schirrmeister

by Daniel Nenni, On Mar 22, 2024

Dan is joined by Frank Schirrmeister, vice president of solutions and business development at Arteris. He leads activities in the industry verticals including automotive and technology horizontals like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and safety. Before Arteris, Frank held senior leadership positions at Cadence Design Systems, Synopsys, and Imperas, focusing on product marketing and management, solutions, strategic ecosystem partner initiatives, and customer engagement.

In this far-reaching discussion, Frank explains the impact Arteris NoC technology has on system design. He dives into its impact on automotive design, discussing many aspects of the market including how Arteris simplifies safety. Arteris support for cache coherent design is also discussed. Frank goes beyond automotive and explains the impact of this technology across many markets.

Looking to the future, Frank discusses recent Arteris acquisitions that expand the company’s footprint beyond its traditional markets. Engagements with tier-1 customers are discussed, along with an explanation of the engagement process Arteris uses with new customers.

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