ISO 26262 Training Courses [SemiEngineering]

by Kurt Shuler, On May 01, 2017

ISO 26262 Functional Safety Training Resources

Editor’s note: This originally appeared in Semiconductor Engineering. I want to make sure it is available here for readers’ future use because I will update the list as I receive more information and feedback. -Kurt

Training course links:

  • Free ISO 26262 training courses
  • Online, for-fee ISO 26262 training courses
  • In-person ISO 26262 Training and Certification Courses for Individuals and Teams

The automobile has taken over the mobile phone’s pole position as the driver of new semiconductor technologies, like machine learning and vision processing. As a result, many electrical engineers in the semiconductor industry are finding themselves in a state of transition where their current skills, education, and experience are not sufficient for them to achieve the kind of role they would like on design teams targeting this new space.

The good news is that there are many ways one can educate themselves on the technologies that underpin this new revolution, either by taking additional free or paid college courses after work or online, or simply Googling and reading a lot. Doing this will get you all you need to know about foundational autonomous-driving technologies like neural networks, machine learning, and vision processing.

But what about the one “table stakes” automotive-specific set of knowledge required for all safety-related automobile chips, functional safety?

After being asked to publish this many times, I’ve appended below a list of companies that provide ISO 26262 functional safety training courses for individuals and groups, with course cost, codes, and contact info, where available. The training types are sorted into three “buckets”: (1) Free resources, (2) Online for-fee courses, and, (3) In-person courses.

Obtaining this training is the only efficient way for an individual or work group to quickly learn about the processes and requirements of ISO 26262. I hope you find this list useful, and have a happy holiday season!

Free ISO 26262 training courses 

 Texas Instruments logo

Texas Instruments logo


Texas Instruments & Exida (3.5-hours on-demand videos, FREE)

This is the best set of free ISO 26262 training I have found on the Internet. It was created by TI and one of their functional safety consulting partners, Exida (see below).

Sgs Tuv logo


SGS-TÜV Saar (2-hour webinar, FREE)

SGS-TÜV Saar has a comprehensive list of training courses available at your worksite or theirs (see below), but in addition they have a free 2-hour introductory webinar that explains ISO 26262 basics.

  • The next class is March 4, 2017.

Online, for-fee ISO 26262 training courses

 SAE International logo


SAE (4.5 hour webinar, $425.00) 

SAE International, formerly the Society of Automotive Engineers, offers an online webinar taught by Joe Miller, who is chairman of the United States Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC22/SG3/WG16, which provides US input into the ISO 26262 specification.

  • The next class is March 21-23, 2017.

In-person ISO 26262 Training and Certification Courses for Individuals and Teams

These are the paid in-person courses. Expect to pay at least a few thousand dollars per person. You can arrange to take them as an individual, or contact the companies to get a quote for a group training, either at your worksite or their office. By the way, “TÜV” are German organizations that validate safety. They have expanded worldwide (obviously).

All these companies offer training in English, as well as other languages. See the links below for details.

 Resiltech logo 


Based near Pisa, Italy, Resiltech offers corporate ISO 26262 training and consultancy services. They participate in the ISO 26262 and AUTOSAR specification working groups.

 Exida logo



Exida is a well-known functional safety consultancy with expertise in automotive semiconductors and embedded systems.



TÜV Nord

TÜV Nord is a huge organization that offers technical training and certifications for a broad range of industries.

  • KVA offers a training course in the US in partnership with TÜV Nord. The cost is $3,295 for 4 days, and the next course is Jan 30-Feb 2, 2017.
 TUV Rheinland logo


TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland is another huge German-based company that offers worldwide ISO 26262 training and individual certification. They offer a four-day course for 2,300 Euros and a shorter 3-day course for 1,980 Euros.

 Sgs Tuv logo



SGS-TÜV Saar has a comprehensive list of training courses, available at your worksite or theirs.

 Tüv Sud logo



TÜV Sud offers a 3-level ISO 26262 functional safety certification program for individuals. Certification levels are Engineer, Professional, and Expert.