EDN: System Architect: Blueprint of a New Job in Semiconductor Industry

by Madelyn Miller, On Jan 27, 2022

Isabelle Geday, VP and GM of IP Deployment at Arteris IP is quoted with EDN’s editor-in-chief, Majeed Ahmad in this new article:

January 26th, 2022 – By Majeed Ahmad

According to Isabelle Geday, VP and GM of IP deployment at Arteris IP, the job requires a system-oriented mindset, which calls for a holistic approach to ensure the success of the designed systems. “A systems architect needs to have a strong understanding of design and verification and master key aspects for the targeted application and domain.” It also encompasses safety, security and performance, which must be considered at the system level—in the definition of its architecture—to be addressed efficiently.

To read the entire EDN article, please click here:https://www.edn.com/systems-architect-blueprint-of-a-new-job-in-semiconductor-industry/

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