Conquer SoC creation and
deployment challenges

Power Management and DVFS

Simplify power management with DVFS, clock gating, and GALS technology. Arteris supports diverse domains, partitioning, and voltage control. Power intent captured via CPF and UPF.

Wire Routing Congestion Causes and Solutions

By reducing the number of interconnect wires that will need to be routed, Arteris NoC reduces and removes routing congestion in the architecture phase of design.

End-to-End Quality of Service

Arteris’ FlexNoC interconnect ensures end-to-end QoS, accommodating diverse IPs (e.g., CPU, DPU, NPU, VPU, GPU) with dynamic priorities and congestion management.

Ease and Automate Timing Closure

FlexNoC Physically Aware IP allows early issue detection, aiding timing closure in backend design flows.

Distributed Architecture for Easier Routing with Any Topology

Efficient backend routing gives fewer gates/wires. Distributed NoC elements auto-place/route across the chip, unlike congested traditional bus/crossbar setups. NIUs near IPs avoid placement issues.


Trusted by innovative companies everywhere

3.5+ billion SoCs shipped across 200+ customers

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A solution for every smart electronic device or system

From electronic toothbrushes to autonomous cars, Arteris has delivered the IP and the expertise.
725+ design starts and counting.

Automated driving, electrification, and connectivity are transforming the automotive industry. Arteris addresses these with advanced System IP solutions and partners with Arm. Key customers include Bosch, Mobileye, NXP, and Renesas.

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Communications technology grapples with speed, bandwidth, and power challenges. Arteris offers optimized NoC solutions and SoC Integration for enhanced performance and integration. Clients include Samsung, Rambus, Rockchip, and GUC.

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Consumer electronics grapple with tight schedules and performance demands. Arteris’ tech accelerates design, boosts efficiency, and reduces power use. Clients include LG, Renesas, PixelWorks, and Samsung.

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Data centers are evolving, with customized hardware optimization. Arteris offers tailored interconnect solutions for AI and storage, optimizing performance and power. Our products, including FlexNoC and Ncore, cater to the needs of key clients like Samsung and AMD.

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Industrial IoT demands durability and safety. Arteris’ tech optimizes SoC designs for performance, power efficiency, and safety. Example clients: Samsung, Texas Instruments, GUC, and Sequans.

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A catalyst for SoC innovation

De-risking projects and accelerating success with flexible, customizable IP and tools that work with the best.

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