EETimes: Charlie Janac: Pick a Viable Path, Don’t Give Up

by Nitin Dahad, On Jan 25, 2024

Arteris CEO Charlie Janac gives EE Times a glimpse of his 40 years in the EE industry. He reflects on the time Jim Solomon asked him to become the acting CFO of SDA and how that triggered a long career through its transition to Cadence. He then took on several entrepreneurial roles that led him to France and then leading Arteris through its growth. He ponders on the future of human civilization being built on a foundation of silicon—and what that means for design automation. Janac also discusses the skills gap, his passion for autonomous transport and a future multi-planetary society. He muses on how he might have ended up as a professor of military history and how his grandfather inspired him. Finally, his advice for a young Charlie: “Pick a viable path, don’t give up.” And, he adds, “Don’t become arrogant, because luck can change.”

To watch the video on EETimes, click here.

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