Arteris IP perspective on EE Times, “Facebook Buys Interconnect IP Vendor Sonics”

by Kurt Shuler, On Mar 14, 2019

Junko interviewed Arteris IP CEO Charlie Janac as well as Mike Demler, senior analyst at the Linley Group, Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at the Linley Group, and Kevin Krewell, principal analyst at Tirias Research. The consensus is that interconnect IP is vitally important to SoC design, especially because architectures are becoming more complex as semiconductor process technology nodes shrink, and that the semiconductor industry needs an independent interconnect IP company to help ensure all the industry’s IP can be efficiently and quickly assembled into optimized systems-on-chip.

Arteris IP will remain the independent Interconnect IP leader

Arteris IP is committed to continuing to fulfill our special role in the industry and is investing more than any other company in the world in research and development of interconnect IP technology. We appreciate that we are in a privileged industry position because, as Mike Demler says in the article, we are “the only licensable-NoC supplier.” We have worked hard over many years to earn the trust of our customers and partners and we take our responsibilities very seriously to meet the semiconductor industry’s needs as the world’s trusted interconnect IP think tank and R&D team.

One of the things that many people don’t understand is how much diverse and specialized technology goes into creating NoC interconnect IP. Our company includes experts in engineering specialties like cache coherence, linear and non-linear algebraic optimization, graph theory algorithms, C++, Verilog, SystemVerilog, SystemC and UVM development, and even Artificial Intelligence (our Engineering VP, Khaled Labib, has a PhD in AI). Basically, we work at the intersection of semiconductors, networking and software. Assembling a critical mass of multi-disciplinary team members that deliver high quality interconnect products that work in billions of leading edge systems-on-chip is no easy task!

I think Charlie said it best as quoted by Junko in the article:

“The barrier to entry for the interconnect IP market is high, because it requires a sharp focus on it. We will stay independent. We will make interconnect ‘the backbone’ of the IP industry. And we hope to be a ‘Switzerland’ of IPs for SoC designers.”

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