Mesh Networking Grows For ICs

by Kurt Shuler, On Apr 10, 2018

Mesh Networking Grows For ICs

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April 4th,  2018 – By Kevin Fogarty

Mesh networks were invented to create rich interaction among groups of almost-unrelated peers, but now they are showing up in everything from advanced chip packages to IoT networks.

“This is already being implemented on-chip,” said Ty Garibay, CTO at Arteris IP. “Now we’re working on ways to provide more automation so that customers can describe how different packaging types play together. This is another aspect of discontinuities that we’re dealing with in multiple places. If you look at 2.5D, there are power efficiency tradeoffs, and mesh approaches are an enabler. And you’ll see this more with chiplets, which will start showing up over the next two to five years for the majority of AI systems.”


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