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New Synopsys verification solution integrates with Arteris Ncore cache coherent interconnect

Synopsys announced their new cache coherent subsystem verification solutiosynopsys_arteris_182x39.pngn which integrates with Arteris Ncore: Synopsys Delivers Industry's First Cache Coherent Subsystem Verification Solution for Arteris Ncore Interconnect.

The goal of this solution is for SoC teams to be able to accelerate verification closure of their particular Arteris Ncore cache coherent interconnect configuration. I think one of the more interesting features is the integration of Synopsys' Verdi® Performance Analyzer and Platform Architect™ MCO into an enhanced verification solution. All of this integrates easily with the existing Ncore outputs including our RTL, simulation models and verification testbenches.

Here's what our CTO has to say:

"The Arteris Ncore interconnect delivers enhanced configurability for heterogeneous cache coherent SoCs in multiple markets including mobility, automotive, storage and networking," said Craig Forrest, Chief Technology Officer at Arteris. "Synopsys' NoC subsystem verification solution is a key enabler for our mutual customers to efficiently verify their complex SoC designs for overall productivity gains."  

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