Semiconductor Engineering: Are We Too Hard On Artificial Intelligence For Autonomous Driving?

by Arteris Marketing, On Nov 03, 2022

Frank Schirrmeister, VP Solutions & Business Development at Arteris IP authored this Semiconductor Engineering article:

 November 3rd, 2022 – By Frank Schirrmeister

Making sense of the many automotive safety standards and requirements.

I recently attended and presented at Detroit’s “Implementation of ISO 26262 & SOTIF” conference. Its subtitle was “Taking an Integrated Approach to Automotive Safety.” After three days, my head was spinning with numbers of ISO/SAE and other standards. And at the end of day two, after yet another example that tricked autonomous driving prototypes into behaving wrongly, I sighed and asked whether anybody else would feel bad for these AIs. It feels like we ask AI to do much more than any human being could ever do. My question got some chuckles but caused some honest discussion about how to quantify autonomous driving capabilities.

Download Frank’s presentation “FMEDA Automation for Scalability and Reuse in Complex System on Chips” presented at this year’s Implementation of ISO 26262 & SOTIF” conference in Detroit.

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