Semiconductor Engineering: Deals That Change The Chip Industry

by Madelyn Miller, On Oct 02, 2020

K. Charles Janac, President and CEO at Arteris IP opines about acquisitions in this new article in Semiconductor Engineering:

Deals That Change The Chip Industry

September 28th, 2020 – By Ed Sperling

Nvidia-Arm is just the beginning; more acquisitions are on the horizon.

“So far in the IP space, the most significant acquisitions have been Synopsys assembling an almost $1 billion operation that basically focuses on peripheral I/O IP and PHYs,” said K. Charles Janac, chairman and CEO of Arteris IP. “Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm is extremely significant both for the IP industry and the semiconductor industry. Nvidia is trying to become the next generation of computing platforms, which is targeted directly at Intel and AMD. So with Nvidia behind it, maybe the Arm architecture becomes the next brain of the SoC.”

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