Semiconductor Engineering: IP-XACT Is Back, For All The Right Reasons

by Madelyn Miller, On Jul 01, 2021

Vincent Thibaut, Director of IP Deployment Product Strategy at Arteris IP authored this new article in Semiconductor Engineering:

IP-XACT Is Back, For All The Right Reasons

July 1st, 2021 – By Vincent Thibaut

Providing collaborating teams a single and reliable source of truth for the design.


The intent behind IP-XACT has always been to provide a bridge between system-on-chip (SoC) assembly and larger considerations. This standard has additionally been used to adapt to multi-sourced and constantly evolving intellectual property (IP) that design and product teams build, often in different companies. Moreover, it was used to interface with product development beyond the specialized needs of logic design. Admittedly, it was developed early, offering a solution to a problem not yet widely recognized. It was early, but it was not wrong. Market changes are pushing more and more SoC builders in this direction in mature and emerging semiconductor and systems companies. Production needs are finally catching up with this standard.

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