Semiconductor Engineering: Vehicle Communications Is Due For An Overhaul

by Madelyn Miller, On May 12, 2020

Vehicle Communications Is Due For An Overhaul

May 12th, 2020 – By Ann Steffora Mutschler

The Controller Area Network (CAN), one of the main communications networks in an automobile, is headed for a security overhaul — if not a wholesale replacement.

Kurt Shuler, vice president of marketing at Arteris IP, likewise stressed the need for am architecture for security from the start. “Do as much as you can at the lowest possible level, because that’s where you can have the most control later. If you’re doing everything in software later, there are still ways around that. If you have things at the hardware level — and that’s where it comes to with the interconnects and the firewalls — if you have the physical mechanisms to stop traffic that shouldn’t be there during certain use cases and you can control that later when there’s new use cases, you’re covered. But it’s got to be built in an overall architecture, where the smallest parts are the SoC transistors. This equates to fire-walling, and either poisoning data that is suspect and letting it through or firing an interrupt up to the system that says, ‘Hey, I’m being hacked.’”


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