Semiconductor Engineering: Which Chip Interconnect Protocol is Better?

by Madelyn Miller, On May 11, 2020

Which Chip Interconnect Protocol is Better?

May 11th, 2020 – By Ed Sperling

Experts at the Table: CXL and CCIX are different but it’s not always clear which is the best choice.

“Everybody is circling around and trying to figure out what everybody else is doing, said Kurt Shuler, vice president of marketing at Arteris IP. CCIX is a little different. The idea there was that you would have one or more chips and they would all be one cache coherent system. So in the case of CXL, the coherency is all managed on the Xeon side, and that companion chip is always a slave. It’s different with CCIX. So if you do the bi-directional coherency, which is what people are interested in, it’s one big cache-coherent system”.

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