Semiconductor Engineering: Giant Auto Industry Disruption Ahead

by Kurt Shuler, On Mar 14, 2018

Giant Auto Industry Disruption Ahead

January 29th, 2018 – By Ed Sperling

The move to self-driving vehicles over the next decade or so will result in a massive restructuring of entire segments of the global economy that have evolved to create and support automobiles and the people who drive them.

The shift will create many new jobs-particularly for semiconductors and electronic systems-and conservatively it will eliminate hundreds of thousands of existing ones. It will reshape entire communities and ecosystems.

There are a several reasons this shift has garnered so much attention. First, the automotive industry has been progressing almost linearly for more than a century. “The car industry went through a huge change in the 1950s,” said K. Charles Janac, chairman and CEO of Arteris IP. “For the last 60 years, it has been almost completely stable. It’s basically the same product being incrementally improved until mid-2010 (when Tesla issued its IPO). If you look at a legacy car company, the dealers make all their money from maintenance, the assembly people are skilled at mechanical assembly, and the purchasing people have relationships that have to be fractured. The implications are humongous.”

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