SemiWiki: #60DAC Update from Arteris

by Arteris Marketing, On Aug 18, 2023

Daniel Payne from SemiWiki, authored this article about Arteris.

August 16th, 2023

I met up with Andy Nightingale, VP Product Marketing and Michal Siwinski, Chief Marketing Officer of Arteris at #60DAC for an update on their system IP company dealing with SoCs and chiplet-based designs. SemiWiki has been blogging about Arteris since 2011, and the company has grown enough in those 12 years to have an IPO, see their IP used in 3 billion+ SoCs, attract 200+ customers and have 675+ SoC design starts. Their IP is used for creating a Network-on- Chip (NoC) through interconnect IP and interface IP, plus they have EDA software used for SoC integration automation.

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