SemiWiki Podcast: A Broad View of Design Architectures and the Role of the NoC with Arteris’ Michal Siwinski

by Daniel Nenni, On Jan 19, 2024

Dan is joined by Michal Siwinski, Chief Marketing Officer at Arteris. He brings more than two decades of technology-based strategy, marketing and growth acceleration. Prior to joining Arteris, he served as Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Cadence, and through his leadership, the company’s brand and digital image was transformed. Mr. Siwinski directed the strategy and marketing in Cadence’s entry into the intellectual properties, embedded and system domains. Prior to Cadence, he worked at Verplex Systems on new product innovation and Mentor Graphics on IP and SoC design services.

In this far-reaching discussion, Dan explores new chip design architectures with Michal. The unique design requirements for trends such as AI, inference, and multi-die design are discussed in detail. The pivotal role of specialized IP such as the Arteris NoC is also discussed, with an assessment of future trends and impact.

To listen to the full podcast on SemiWiki, click here.

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