Arteris Recruits World-Class Engineering Leadership Team

by Kurt Shuler, On Feb 18, 2014

CAMPBELL, California — February 18, 2014 —Arteris Inc., the inventor and only supplier of silicon-proven commercial network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect IP solutions, today announced that Craig Forrest, Dave Parry and Benoit de Lescure have joined Arteris to perform critical leadership roles on the Arteris engineering leadership team. Forrest joins Arteris as Chief Technology Officer; Parry as Vice President of Engineering; and de Lescure as Director of Application Engineering.

The fact that respected industry veterans Craig Forrest, Dave Parry and Benoit de Lescure have joined the leadership team at Arteris is validation of our vision of the future of SoC design and on-chip communications.

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K. Charles Janac, President and CEO, Arteris

This seasoned team of engineering leaders gives Arteris additional experience and skills to create the next generation of on-chip SoC IP, complementing the current Arteris FlexNoC product line and planned releases of future FlexNoC products.

“The fact that respected industry veterans Craig Forrest, Dave Parry and Benoit de Lescure have joined the leadership team at Arteris is validation of our vision of the future of SoC design and on-chip communications,” said K. Charles Janac, President and CEO of Arteris. “Together, our team is poised to build a superlative engineering organization that will provide much-needed innovation to system-on-chip designers on an aggressive timetable.”

Craig Forrest, Arteris Chief Technology Officer

Craig has over 25 years experience in the computer systems, networking and consumer electronics industries, working with decision makers at leading companies and governments in the US, Asia, Europe and Australia. Craig has also mentored and invested in a number of companies in the high technology, digital media, software and services industries. As one of the key engineering Vice Presidents at Apple Inc., Craig led the hardware and systems organization for the Macintosh Division. He was responsible for the iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, Xserve, iPad and Apple TV product lines. In addition, he led and created the semiconductor design groups responsible for the Application Processors in the first three generations of iPhone products.

Before joining Apple Inc, Craig led the hardware development for the HPCS program at Sun Microsystems, a $75m research and development program that was jointly funded by DARPA and Sun Microsystems to develop Petascale supercomputer technology used for advanced computations in fields such as nuclear simulations, quantum chemistry and intelligence services pattern matching. While at Sun in the early 1990s, Craig was the lead engineer for the SPARCstation 10, the world’s first desktop workstation. He was also a principal in Sun’s Green Project, which developed new technologies for the consumer electronics market including the Java language, compiler and run-time interpreter.

In addition to his contributions at Apple and Sun, Craig has served in engineering executive positions at many startups including Innoventry, NeTpower and Austek Microsystems. He was also a co-founder of Epigram, a startup developing semiconductor products for broadband DSL and residential networking. Broadcom acquired Epigram in April 1999. Craig holds Science degrees from both the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne, and has co-authored numerous engineering patents.

David Parry, Arteris Vice President of Engineering

Dave has nearly 30 years’ experience in the development of processors, ASICs and systems for high-performance computing and networking, and an extensive background in cache-coherent shared-memory systems, large-scale chip development, and hardware/software integration. He served for 17 years at Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) in product development and leadership roles for the multi-processor Origin, Altix and Altix ICE systems, with his last role there being Senior Vice President of Engineering and General Manager for Server Systems. Most recently, Dave served for 3 years as VP of Engineering for Solarflare Communications, where he led development of network controller ASICs, network adapter cards and networking software for high-performance 10GbE and 40GbE products. Prior to SGI, he was employed by MIPS Computer Systems and Hewlett-Packard. Dave holds seven US patents in microprocessor and system design and earned a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Benoit de Lescure, Director of Application Engineering

Benoit joins Arteris after serving for 10 years at Sonics, Inc., most recently in the roles of Director of Product Management and Director of Applications Engineering, Europe. He has over 20 years’ ASIC engineering and semiconductor IP experience. In addition to his leadership roles at Sonics, Benoit worked for over 10 years in ASIC design, software development and management roles at Thomson. He is an inventor on five patents and earned a postgraduate certificate in microelectronics from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI).

About Arteris

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