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EDN: The Network-on-Chip Interconnect is the SoC

Benoit de Lescure, CTO at Arteris IP authors this new series of articles in EDN:

The Network-on-Chip Interconnect is the SoC

March 25th, 2021 - By Benoit de Lescure

EDN_logo_red-1200x628The NoC interconnect is the SoC architecture.

“The network is the computer,” coined by John Gage of Sun Microsystems back in 1984, proved incredibly insightful. This idea is re-emerging, this time within the SoC realm. Functions in a chip that communicate with each other—not through simple wires but through complex network elements such as switches, protocol converters, packetizers, and so on—are not so different from the set of computers communicating through a network within a cabinet, or a room, back in 1984.

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