Semiconductor Engineering: Firmware Skills Shortage

by Madelyn Miller, On Feb 25, 2021

Benoit de Lescure, CTO at Arteris IP is quoted in this new Semiconductor Engineering article:

Firmware Skills Shortage

February 25th, 2021 – By Brian Bailey

Adding intelligence into devices requires a different skill set, and finding enough qualified people is becoming a challenge — especially in less glamorous areas.

“I was working in the image compression domain 20 years ago,” says Benoit de Lescure, CTO for Arteris IP. “We had a similar issue, both with off-the-shelf DSP, and our own specialized DSP. Finding people to make efficient use of the SIMD hardware was extremely difficult, because you need to ‘think parallel’. But few people are ready to deep-dive into a hardware architecture that might be obsolete two or three years from now.”

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