Semiconductor Engineering: IC Security Threat Grows As More Devices Are Connected

by Madelyn Miller, On May 10, 2021

Guillaume Boillet, Director of Product Management at Arteris IP is quoted in this new article in Semiconductor Engineering:

IC Security Threat Grows As More Devices Are Connected

May 6th, 2021 – By Ann Steffora Mutschler

Awareness increases, but so does the complexity of systems and the potential attack surface.


“We would expect this industry to be adopting cloud-based software-as-a-service massively, but the reality is different,” said Guillaume Boillet, director of product management at Arteris IP. “The design environment itself is almost always in a customer-owned data center. There has been some push to leverage the benefits of the cloud, and of course it’s very appealing because now you can scale your data centers. But I don’t have an example where, all of a sudden, you’ve got a need for more computing power and you would rather rely on the cloud than build a rack. This is not happening for multiple reasons. One, people are very protective of their IP, of what they’re doing, so it’s been an hindrance for us in terms of support, etc. Also, moving to the SaaS model requires a total rethink of the licensing, because it’s a totally different monetization scheme. I’ve seen examples where this scenario would have required a lot of work and a lot of revamping of the toolset.”

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