Semiconductor Engineering: Sensor Fusion Challenges In Cars

by Madelyn Miller, On Oct 08, 2020

Kurt Shuler, Vice President of Marketing at Arteris IP is quoted in this new article in Semiconductor Engineering:

Sensor Fusion Challenges In Cars

October 8th, 2020 – By Ann Steffora Mutschler

As more pieces of the autonomous vehicle puzzle come into view, the enormity of the challenge grows.

“You could say it’s the Wild West, but you could also say there’s tons of innovation happening,” said Kurt Shuler, vice president of marketing at Arteris IP. “That’s true whether it’s on the sensor chips or whether it’s on the ADAS brain chips. Eventually you want to be able to explain things in symbolic terms, and have an intermediate layer such that once you get this data, the data as its transmitted is in some kind of lingua franca that both sides can understand even though they’re from two separate companies. What I don’t know is how much processing it will take to move something from more of a raw data format into something useful. Eventually, there has to be a data format.”

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