Enabling Autonomous Hardware Systems

Learn why Arteris IP interconnect IP is the on-chip communications heart of cache coherent systems for autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML), neural networks and automotive sensor fusion.

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The best technology: Arm AMBA CHI and ACE interoperability, CCIX support for multi-die systems. Plus functional safety mechanisms to achieve ISO 26262 certification.

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The greatest cost in doing your own interconnect is opportunity cost, the loss of potential profit you could realize if your design teams were working on flagship features.

  Download FlexNoC AI Package Datasheet

Arteris IP interconnect IP helps your products simultaneously achieve higher design frequencies, lower latency and lower power consumption. Our easy-to-use configuration tooling combined with our automated simulation, model generation and verification features help shorten your design schedules.

Your company makes more money by creating higher performing products at lower cost, faster.

  Download FlexNoC Datasheet

  Download Ncore datasheet

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For years, Arteris technology has allowed us to continually increase the performance of each EyeQ ADAS SoC generation while reducing wire routing congestion and timing closure issues.

Elchanan Rushinek, Vice President of Engineering, Mobileye

K. Charles Janac CEO

K. Charles Janac

President and CEO

Charlie’s career spans 20 years and multiple industries including electronic design automation, semiconductor capital equipment, nanotechnology, industrial polymers and venture capital. He has played a leadership role in the formation of Cadence, HLD Systems and Brooks Automation.

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Khaled Labib

Vice President of Engineering

Khaled is a senior engineering executive bringing over 23 years of experience in technology including microprocessors and system-on-chip architecture, design, verification and physical implementation at SK Hynix, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate, SandForce/LSI, Applied Micro, MagnaChip and Hifn.

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David Mertens Arteris Vp of Sales

David Mertens

Worldwide Vice President of Sales

David Mertens brings many years' experience selling intellectual property and semiconductors across multiple vertical markets. He has held sales leadership positions with a focus on IP licensing at Audience, Tensilica, Synopsys, Faraday & Zoran.

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kurt shuler web

Kurt Shuler

Vice President of Marketing

Prior to Arteris, Kurt Shuler held senior marketing and product management roles at Intel, Texas Instruments, ARC International and two startups. He has extensive IP, software and semiconductor marketing experience in mobile, automotive, consumer and enterprise markets.

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Michel Telera

Michel Telera

Vice President of Sales

Michel Telera was previously the Director of Southern Europe for Verisity where he built the organization from its inception to over $11 million in sales. He has a 20-year record of serving major semiconductor vendors at Daisy, Viewlogic, Compass, and Avant!

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Stephane Mehat CFO

Stéphane Mehat

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Arteris in 2012, Stéphane served as a financial auditor for 13 years at EY, one of the major global auditing firms. He managed international private and public mid-cap clients in various markets dealing with VC financing, IPOs and acquisitions. 

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amy miller web

Amy Miller

General Counsel

Amy Miller has extensive experience in intellectual property licensing and the semiconductor industry. She has served as an attorney at Zoran, Tensilica and ARM. She completed her undergraduate studies at UCLA and earned her Juris Doctor at the Santa Clara University School of Law.

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Ty Garibay

Technology Advisor

Ty is a pioneer in SoC development, playing key roles in the development of CPU and SoC architectures at Motorola, Cyrix, SGI, Alchemy, ARM, TI, and Altera. Most recently, he led FPGA IC design at Intel after it acquired Altera in late 2015. Ty has authored and co-authored 34 patents.

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