network on chip interconnect fabric for SoC

Arteris Network on Chip (NoC) interconnect fabric IP improve performances, power consumption, die size and time-to-market of system on chip (SoC) devices for consumer electronics, mobile, automotive and other applications.

Using Arteris NoC IP solves pain for our customers. Traditional bus and crossbar interconnect approaches create serious problems for architects, digital and physical designers, and integrators: Massive numbers of wires, increased heat and power consumption, failed timing closure, spaghetti-like routing congestion leading to increased die area, and difficulty making changes for derivatives.

Whether you are using AXI, OCP, AHB or a proprietary protocol, Arteris FlexNoC Network on Chip (NoC) IP reduces the number of wires by nearly one half, resulting in fewer gates and a more compact chip floor plan. Having the option to configure each connection’s width, and each transaction’s dynamic priority, assures meeting latency and bandwidth requirements. And with the Arteris IP configuration tool suite, design and verification can be done easily, in a matter of days or even hours.

Arteris invented Network on Chip technology, offering the world’s first commercial solution in 2006. Arteris connects the IP blocks in semiconductors from Qualcomm, Samsung, Altera, TI, and others, representing over 50 System on Chip devices. Find out more about Arteris products.

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Network on Chip (NoC)
IP Products

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  • FlexNoC
    The ideal interconnect fabric for System on Chip (SoC) designs requiring higher performance.
  • FlexLLI™ MIPI LLI Digital Controller IP
    The only silicon-proven MIPI LLI implementation for DRAM memory sharing and companion chips. Save $2 in eBOM cost.
  • C2C™ Chip to Chip Link™ IP
    DRAM memory sharing for application processors and modems. Save $2 in eBOM cost.
  • FlexWay
    For design teams wanting to upgrade simpler SoCs from an AHB multilayer bus.

Altera licenses Arteris FlexNoC Network on Chip (NoC) IP

Altera uses Arteris FlexNoC network-on-chip interconnect IP to meet tight timing margins and achieve design frequency requirements in its next-generation SoC products combining hard intellectual property with the flexibility of programmable logic.

Samsung licenses Arteris FlexNoC Network on Chip (NoC) IP

Samsung uses Arteris network-on-chip interconnect technology in its mobile phone applications processors and modems to easily connect them, shortening development cycles and reducing IP compatibility risks.

TI OMAP interconnect L3 is Arteris FlexNoC Network on Chip (NoC) IP

Texas Instruments uses Arteris network-on-chip interconnect technology as the backbone SoC interconnect n its OMAP 4 and OMAP 5 platforms of mobile wireless applications processor products.